Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia: Just WOW


An image of a joyful crowd strolling through a field of twinkling lights in the Australian outback.

Just WOW.

How do you describe the slack-jawed, weak-at-the-knees wonderment of a place as special as Uluru? The first time you encounter it, a million words race through your mind, but all you can mutter are two: Just… Wow.

An image of Uluru from a helicopter, Just Wow.

JUST WOW isn't just an advertising line -- it's a company-wide idea. From recruiting the right candidates to crafting new flavours on the menu - the team at Voyages always ask: Is this JUST WOW?

Billboard mockup showcasing a stunning design of a twinkling field of lights.

We shifted perceptions of Uluru as "just a rock" to an immersive, enchanting, cultural destination bursting with experiences to take on and memories to treasure.

Our campaign was set to a bespoke a cappella piece created by the Anangu Iwiri choir. The song, in Pitjantjatjara, translates as “come and see our beautiful country.”

From recruiting the right candidates to crafting new flavours on the menu.

Newspaper advertisement showing people dining at a restaurant with Uluru in the background.
An image of two people on a blue motorcycle riding through the Australian outback with a funny message: "You're going to need a bigger memory card!"
Image showing three stunning social media posts using images of the Australian outback.