TAL Insurance: Scars

Life leaves its mark on all of us

An image of a man sitting on the floor in a dance studio, mirrors and ballet barres can be seen in the background.

Nothing contrasts human fragility with strength better than our scars.

‘Scars’ recognises that when you throw yourself head-first into This Australian Life, it’s hard to make it through unscathed. So when life leaves its mark on you, TAL is there to help you through.

Each scar is personal and tells an intimate story of what we’ve overcome.

An image of a woman resting on the side of a pool, a scar is visible on her back.
A stunning billboard design showing a scar on the back of a woman's head with the headline: "Life leaves its mark on us all".

We know that life leaves its mark on Australians, some are small and innocuous, others, large and dramatic.

We shifted TAL’s frame of reference from ‘life insurance’ to ‘insurance for life’ and broke the category formula of ‘fearmongering’, impacting the audience by showcasing the humanity of Australians’ scars.

TAL is here to help you through, with Insurance for life.

Image of a shirtless man near a pool with a towel over his shoulder, a scar is visible on his chest.
Image of three captivating billboards showing close-up pictures of people with scars, the billboards contain the headlines: "Life leaves its mark on us all" and "Not all scars are visible".