Department of Social Services: Consent

Consent Can't Wait

Because learning, understanding, and talking about consent can’t wait.

The Department of Social Services has launched a national campaign, ‘Consent Can’t Wait’, encouraging influencers of young people to take the first step in educating young Australians on sexual consent, by checking their understanding and speaking to their peers about it.

The campaign highlights the importance of updating our understanding of sexual consent by showing how the questions we have need to be talked about, and answered, before moments of intimacy. ‘Consent Can’t Wait’ emphasises the need for people to get on the same page, so we can pass that understanding on to our kids. 

Featuring a diverse range of real Australian couples.

All across Australia, people are engaging in consent-relevant moments.

A couple leaning in to hold each other in a cinema

Removing the fear and judgement surrounding conversations about sexual consent.