Tourism Tasmania: Come Down For Air ’23


An image of two people rowing on a serene river.

Take in a lungful.

Mainlanders were in much need of air this year. And once again Tassie provided it in spades. The fourth iteration of our long-standing campaign gave people a break from the adbreak in more places than ever.

A stunning billboard design showcasing an image of four people jumping into a calm lake at dawn. A funny headline reads: "Adults fly free".

There’s more legroom too.

A billboard design showcasing an image of people standing on a hill looking over a stunning landscape. A headline reads: "Come down for air".

The latest iteration of the campaign injects a uniquely Tasmanian perspective into busy urban life on the “mainland”.

An image of a billboard advertisement for Tourism Tasmania. Come down for air.

Take a quick dip.

Stop by for a drink.

Freeze your wobbly bits.

An image of cattle grazing in a grassy paddock near the ocean.