ALDI Australia: Good Different

How a German retailer became the most trusted brand in Australia

An image of a person illuminated by a spotlight, pushing a shopping trolley through a carpark at night.

We embraced everything that set ALDI apart.

For decades, a supermarket duopoly dominated Australia. Then ALDI entered the market, with a different way of doing business. Some called this weird.

We call it Good Different.

Don't waste your life in the sauce aisle.

Unprecedented times call for precedented prices.

ALDI's fresh food migrates from Australia.

An ALDI advertisement featuring banana bunches soaring like birds with the headline: "Our fresh bananas migrate from Aussie farms".

ALDI's bananas are fresh. And majestic.

Always on retail keeps the registers humming. And Aussies chuckling.

An ALDI advertisement showing three zucchini's leaning against a wall with the tagline: "Does everything from A to Zucchini".

“Good Different isn’t just a new tagline for ALDI Australia – it’s our way of summing up our philosophy and approach to all aspects of our business.”

Tom Daunt, CEO, ALDI Australia