Department of Social Services: Stop It At The Start


An image of two kids embracing each other, looking out over a street to an apartment building.

Encouraging influencers of children to have regular conversations about respect to prevent violence later on.

Extensive research found that Australians are creating a culture of violence against women by excusing disrespectful behaviour of young boys. Violence against women is a big problem, so we set about tackling it when it was a little one.

An image of a billboard on a brick wall. The text reads "If you think violence against women is a big problem, tackle it when it's a little one".

The campaign first launched in 2016 and is part of a long-term effort to create long-term change.

Asking Australians to stop violence at the start.

A second phase was released in 2018.

An image of a billboard on a blank concrete wall. The text reads "She was asking for it. Just wearing her new dress". The words "She was asking for it" is crossed out.

Phase three was released in 2021.

An image of a billboard on a bus stop. The text reads "It's online. But he's still out of line".

Asking Australians to UnMute themselves.

The fourth phase launched in early 2022.

Every little talk you have shapes them. Get the conversation starters at

While not all disrespect leads to violence against women, all violence against women starts with disrespect.