How we navigated the return to (paid) work after maternity leave

May 10, 2024

Creative director, Josie Fox, and associate creative director and innovation lead, Emily Field, penned an article in Mumbrella, sharing their candid experiences of returning to (paid) work after maternity leave. 

Speaking to Mumbrella, the pair explore how their work styles have changed since having kids, how important setting boundaries is and the ever evolving definition of ‘having it all’.

 “For anyone wondering if becoming a parent will stall your career or mean that you miss out on big stuff, in our experience and to our relief, that hasn’t been entirely true. We were both promoted on maternity leave. Emily (and her bub) went to Cannes. And we’re both back wrangling big campaigns.

“It’s definitely different. But it’s still good. And there’s still time to chat and snack, we’re just less prone to faffing about than our pre-baby selves. So perhaps what we’re really saying is this: It’s not necessarily about finding ways to fit ‘it all’ in. But rather, reassessing what your ‘all’ is.”