BMF takes home award for culture and award for bravery at the 2023 B&T awards.

December 21, 2023

Culture and Bravery. Two things we're incredibly proud to stand for and grateful to be recognised for. We're chuffed to have taken home the Award for Culture and Award for Bravery at the 2023 B&T Awards.

The judges said: "The agency's core principles: Cheeky, Gutsy and Humble, are at the heart of everything it does but see them all in balance. It is cheeky because it is just the right amount of wrong, gutsy because it loves a challenge and humble because, at BMF, the team knows that it is important to recognise when they get it wrong. Which, may we add, happens rarely.

"Admittedly, that all sounds very nice. But the approach is borne out in the stats: more than a third of BMFers have been with the agency for more than five years — something very few agencies can say. What's more, it even had two members of staff return during the judging period.

"The agency has a range of initiatives to encourage marginalised communities in the workplace to thrive, including a return-to-work program for those returning from parental leave, and an ongoing battle against sexism and prejudice within the industry."