BMF hosts ‘Brandsplaining’ at the Art Gallery of NSW, featuring keynote speakers Jane Cunningham and Philippa Roberts.

August 17, 2022

If you thought misogynist marketing ended with #MeToo, think again.

Joining live from the UK, Cunningham and Roberts, Co-Founders of PLH Research and authors of ‘Brandsplaining’, presented their data-led analysis to industry guests, delving into the good, bad, and downright ugly nature of marketing to women. The powerhouse duo unpacked how and why the male perspective often dominates the conversation between brands and their female audiences.

The presentation was followed by an insightful panel discussion moderated by BMF’s own Chief Strategy Officer, Christina Aventi and featured BMF ECD, Pia Chaudhuri, Spotify Marketing Manager Belle Taylor and ex-AUDI CMO Nikki Warburton.

Each guest left with a copy of ‘Brandsplaining’ and more importantly a fresh and constructive understanding of how gender identities can be (and are) shaped and mis-shaped, branded, and rebranded.